Often times, when we think of a cellar or basement, we think of a dark, damp, smelly area of our home. In these times, however, especially with the introduction of the “man cave,” basements are being utilized as actual living space, in our homes.Using the Waterproofing and Damproofing system that best suits your needs, Bassett Masonry can turn that dingy dungeon into a dry, healthy and livable room in your house.

Waterproofing formulas are environmentally friendly, water-based, non-hazardous and contain no damaging solvents. They’re safe for workers and won’t contaminate ground soils or release harmful vapors. It can also be applied to damp surfaces and in cold climates, and is ideal for both residential and businesses.

And with the ability to be spray applied, it eliminates the concern for seams, wrinkles, or voids in the membrane.

We us a multiple of products for  waterproofing and damp proofing your home or business. Visit Marlex and GMX to learn more about these products.

Let Bassett Masonry water and damp proof your grungy old basement, so you can get that pool table you’ve always wanted!