Studies by the National Association of Home Builders and other building organizations, continually find that 60% of the nation’s homebuyers prefer brick and stone homes. To the consumer, a brick and stone home means a sound investment and savings.Brick and stone increases a home’s investment value, sells faster and brings a higher resale price.
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About Us

We believe quality is a frame of mind, an attitude, a refusal to settle for the acceptable.

It is the sum of many things done, exceedingly well.

At Bassett Masonry, Inc, we refuse to settle for good enough. We never do anything unless excellence is our goal!

We do it better than anyone else, because we care.

That’s quality service and it’s the only thing we sell.


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Contact Us

Bassett Masonry, Inc.
P.O. Box 377
995 Deveaux St, Elmora, PA 15737

Phone: (814) 948-5090
(800) 354-8201
Fax: (814) 948-5094

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