While there are many factors effecting a homebuyer’s purchase decision, studies show that the amount of livable space ranks at the top of the homebuyer’s list, when comparing homes of similar cost. Providing a home with square footage that can be finished, in the basement, is a quick and economical solution for additional living space.What is living space, without windows?Bassett Masonry can not only pour your foundation, they can waterproof it, damproof it, and can add the window systems needed to turn it into a place to call home. These window systems come with safety grates, made of solid steel for strength and protection, escape ladders allow quick exit in an emergency, and high quality windows with child friendly locks.

Installation is a breeze in wood, aluminum, block ICF, or pre-cast forms of any size. Visit Boman Kemp for more information.

Add value to your home with added space in the basement.